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Signs of Allah around us



The depth of the mind is more than that of the depth of the oceans. And Allah gives men a power to jump into it and came out with the diamonds of conclusions. If we will look around in the world. Like when we sleep, we see the moon and when we wake up, we see the sun in front of us. Is that happen we see the sun at night and moon in the day? No then who manage and change the day into night and night into day? Does the moon and sun switch and change their timings?


If we will look at nature then we can see that there are many billions of people in the world and everyone is different from another. There is uniqueness in every person in the world. We will look to the mountain who created them so beautiful and decorated them with plants. Who harvests them? How the waterfalls from the sky as a rain? Perform Hajj thru cheap Hajj Packages 2019 and recall Allah the Creator.


Who created this all? Do they create themselves? No, it’s the universal fact that every creation gives us the hint of its creator. Like the clock gives us the hint of the watchmen. The books give us the hint about the author. Likewise, these things also give us the idea of their creation.


He is Allah who is the creator of the universe and all the things within. These all are the signs for men to understand.


As Allah says in Quran,


“He is one who creates sun and moon and alternated days and nights. In a correct order, these all are the signs for the men to understand.”


On the other place, Allah says as follow,


“We have created the ceiling of skies above you.”


On the other place of the Quran Allah says as follow,


“Do they not see the bird in the sky suspended in the mid-air no one hold them except Allah. These are the signs for the man to understand.”


On the other place, Allah says about his indication as follow,


“He sends down water from the sky in the due measure, and we raise to life therewith a land that is dead. Even so, you will be raised.”




On the other place of the Holy Quran Allah says as follow,


“We have created the mountain to hold the land.”


On the other place of the Holy Quran Allah says as follow,


“And the earth and we spread it out and set the mountains to hold them firmly and harvest there every kind of lovely growth plant.”


And there are many more signs of Allah around us and he is the only creator of the Universe. He is only to whom we have to turn.


As Allah says in Quran,


“All the submissions belong to Allah Almighty.”

On the other place, he said as follow,


“Allah is the only creator of the universe and what is in between the earth and skies.”


We if look around we will see many of the blessings of Allah upon us they are soon much that we can’t even count them. And Allah doesn’t want anything from us except to practice his teachings. It’s our duty to thank Allah for so many blessings that he gave us. There is no better place to thank Allah other than his own house. So, we all must go for Hajj and Umrah. Now, book Islamic pilgrimage services from the UK for Muslims for February because it is much cheaper and easy to get.

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The Tolerance of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Towards Various Religions



The planet earth is filled with various the religions. People of the world worship different gods which they made off with their own visions. But, in the Sight of Allah, only one religion is acceptable which is Religion Islam. There are solid proofs and miracles that show Islam is holy and divine religion till the Day of Judgment. But Islam doesn’t teach the Muslims to use force for spreading Islam. Just start preaching about Islam between the non-Muslims. Visit the place of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) through Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 and recall the historical Islam.

The biggest example of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) exists in our societies. How they treat non-believers or minorities. Muslims show the biggest unity in the event of Hajj where they come in the holy land of Makkah with Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 Families and they feel secure here. Similarly, minorities must feel secure in the Muslims countries that Islam teaches. Allah says that in the Holy Quran, 

  • “For you is your religion (faith), and for me is my religion (faith).” (Holy Quran: 109: 6)The Tolerance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

 As we all know that a personality of our Beloved and Last Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). He was really kindhearted and generous to their Ummah. Even, he was shown his polite behavior to non-believers. The nation of Arab has appreciated him for his honesty and truthfulness. Allah says that, 

  • “And those who connection others with Allah say, “If Allah had wished, we would not have revered whatsoever other than Him, neither we nor our fathers nor would we have prohibited whatever over other than Him.” Thus, did those do before them. So, are thereupon the messengers apart from (the responsibility of) clear notice?” (Holy Quran: 16:35)

This verse shows the tolerance of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). We must take serious steps for the security of minorities. If we protect them, give the rights, and preach them, one day they will definitely accept our religion, Islam.

Umrah of Dhu’l-Qada

Dhu'l-Field is an Arabic word which means “pilgrimage of the 11th month” that was performed by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and His followers as very first Umrah in 7 AH (629 CE).

The life of the Medina was proved striking spell for Muhammad (SAW) because Islam emerged with full might and in no time it had spread the whole peninsula of Arab. Since, Meccan life remained so critical that, so Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had to migrate to Medina.

And on the other hand, people of Medina had already heard the prediction of Muhammad (SAW) as a saviour of mankind, so they were keenly waiting of Muhammad (SAW) arrival at Medina. At last, entering in the Medina city the multitude warm welcomed of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Even though everyone was devoted to rendering his dwell for Prophet (SW), but the according to Divine’s order the Dwell of Prophet (SAW) was made sure in the form of Masjid e Nabwi. Actually, the female-camel of Muhammad (SAW) took the rest, so that place was specified for the Prophet of God.

Hence, in Masjid e Nabwi the Messenger of God solved each suit of Jews or Christians according to their rules, thus gradually the amount of Muslims started to increase and just in little time Medina became the centre of Islam.

As Muhammad (SAW) realized that this is the right time to perform Umrah , so along with his followers He (SAW) reached Mecca to execute the Umrah but they were stopped by the Meccan infidels. The Holy Prophet (SAW) did not want to fight with them at holy sanctuary of Mecca and came back without performing Umrah, however signing on the treaty of Hudaibiya to next year performing Umrah.

Thus, the next year the Prophet of God proceed the Umrah of Dhu’l-Field with great enthusiasm.

Therefore, considering the Umrah as most significant Ibadah you must perform it if you are capable of that. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said the person who is financially as well as physically capable, so he/she must go to Mecca regarding the execution of Umrah once in life. If you are interested then we suggest you to the best 5 Star Umrah Packages From London which will be proved the finest and cheapest Umrah experience as well.

Most people have a keen desire to Tawaf around the Kaaba in the form of major pilgrimage (Hajj) but having no easy access they divert their attention in Ramadan spell because of getting Hajj’s equal reward.

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However, you must know that Ramadan will be circled in an extremely warm season which is very tough to make the circumambulation around the Kaaba as well as Safa and Marwa hills.

In this way, the people who live under the cool temperature like UK base Muslims perform the Umrah in the winter season.

 If you cannot proceed with the Umrah in a hot climate then like others you have to execute the Umrah through the December Umrah Packages 2019 because in this spell you can easily perform Umrah.

Moreover, in this period man have a bundle of winter leaves in which no hassle of life can be disturbed your Umrah performance.

Best timings of Non-Mandatory Ibadah

Ibadah is the term which we use to submit the will to Allah (SWT) as prayers. There are several kinds of Ibadah in which some are obligatory and some are non-mandatory. When it comes to obligatory Ibadah, so we come across five pillars of Islam such as Faith, Prayer, Sawm, Zakat, and Hajj. However, all these are compulsory in different circumstances, but some additional Ibadah which also have tremendous significance to add the immense virtues as well.

 Most Non-mandatory Ibadahs are additional prayers such as Ishraaq, Chaasht, Salat Al-Awwabin, Tahajjud, and Salat Al-Tasbih.

  • Ishraaq is nafl prayer which has two rak’ats. This short prayer takes just two minutes to complete. Having equivalence to 360 good deeds, it is offered after twelve minutes of the sun rising.
  • Chaasht prayer is highly recommended by scholars in order to gain high divine morals. It has 2 to 12 rak’ats. It is offered when the sun is nearly in the mid-eastern or little before noon.
  • Salat Al-Awwabin refers to obedience. Consisting of 6 rak’ats, it is offered after Maghrib and Isha prayers. The Messenger of God said, one who performs 6 rak’ahs after Maghrib prayer while not supplicating against others, it will be as if he has worshiped Allah for twelve consecutive years.
  • Tahajjud has great importance in additional prayers as it kills the man’s wrong ego because it is performed at night after Isha and before Fajar prayers.

Therefore, some others non-mandatory Ibadah such as Umrah and Salat Al-Tasbih also remove the sins rapidly. If you have a keen desire to perform Umrah through any Five Star Umrah Packages From UK then you would be the lucky one.

Several people go to Mecca to perform the Umrah in Ramadan period because of getting the huge reward as this sanctified month offers more than seventy times rewards as compared to common days. Thus, if you also want to get the Hajj’s equal reward then Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 would be the best option.

Nevertheless, before selecting any package you must know that without accomplishing the domestic essentials you are not allowed to go for Umrah at any time. Therefore, we suggest the best time regarding the execution of Umrah is December Umrah Packages 2019 because in this month man has almost fulfilled the family’s requirements as well.

Consequently, having no easy approach for any kind of Umrah package, so another chance of salvation the sins at home is Salat Al-Tasbih which also removes the all previous sins. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said you must offer Salat Al-Tasbih once in a daily, week, month, year or in life if possibilities.



Difference between Major and Minor sins and their absolution

  Certainly, sin is an erroneous action which Allah-Almighty does not like for a man. However, some wrong actions are very harmful to man and society, they are called major sins. But some wrongdoings are less harmful to man itself but not to others, they are called minor sins.

Therefore, neither major nor minor sins effect on Allah (SWT) because He (SWT) is exalted and beyond of indulging such activities.

Let’s distinguish between major and minor sins.

Major Sins:

  1. Associate something with Allah-Almighty
  2. Magic
  3. Murder of someone
  4. Consuming the property of an orphan
  5. Devouring usury
  6. Turning back when the army advances
  7. Slandering chaste woman

Minor Sins:

  1. Cursing to someone
  2. Making dispute for common affairs
  3. Looking at the unlawful woman
  4. Behaving not well
  5. Thrift spending
  6. Smoking
  7. Vulgar language in common conversation
  8. Teasing other species
  9. Teasing paralyzed
  10. Immoral actions
  11. Create a dispute between two men
  12. Wearing unholy dress


Minor sins are pardoned through the five times a day or doing some good deeds as Allah-Almighty says,’’ you should avoid the major sins and I shall forgive your minor sins through your pious work. The above-mentioned verse is openly depicting that there is a huge difference between major and minor sins.

Since Satan stimulates the man from minor sins eventually grasp the man at major sins which God strictly prohibits and this is the Devil peak point. That’s why it is prohibited to minor sins long times because they are finally converted into major sins from Satan’s plan.

 The major sins are unpardoned until man withdraw (strong promise to God as not to do again). If it is not left, so at the Day of Judgment indulging person will be thrown into the hell.

In this regard, millions of people make a strong promise not to do again the major sins as well as minor sins. Several people are so conscious that they pardon the major sins very close to Allah (SWT) in His own House (Kaaba) in the form of Hajj or Umrah.

Thus, recognizing the importance of Hajj, if you have the plan to perform it but having not easy approach you can also touch the Kaaba in the form of Umrah through any Umrah Packages 2019 in any time of the year.

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Subsequently, controlling on your sentiments in order to perform Umrah in Ramadan spell, because first of all, you have to meet scholarly recommended circumstances such as accomplishing the family’s amenities as well.

Thus, if you do not consider yourself a suitable individual in Ramadan, so don’t very there is another chance to get the huge rewards in the form of Salat Al-Tasbih at your home. And your Umrah desire can be fulfilled through Cheap Family Umrah Packages From UK 2019 because of having the suitable positions. In this period, the man has much savings and free times such as several winter leaves. Moreover, the people who live in Europe countries prefer this spell because of getting both cheap as well as suitable weather.

Non-obligatory but significant Ibadah


There are five main pillars of Islam such as Faith, Salah, Sawm, Hajj and Zakat which are all mandatory. However, some have reimbursement in the case of having a not easy approach. For example, Salah becomes short during the journey or could be compensated if unfortunately it is missed. And it is also entirely withdrawn particularly for a female at the time of menstrual period. Similarly, Sawm (Fasting) can be remunerated for next time or as paying the money to the poor.

 Alike, Hajj can also be compensated into Umrah for those who could not have an easy access. Off-course Umrah is a non-mandatory obligation but having tremendous significance, the people obviously concentrate as well. If you have planned to proceed with the important Ibadah then you should grasp the All Inclusive Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 From UK which will offer you the immense good news.

Besides Umrah, there are also some non-obligatory Ibadah which adds the virtues equal to Umrah as well as Hajj. Allah-Almighty is very kind on its man and gives the several chances for earning the abundant virtues. That’s why He (SWT) offers additional prayers such as Ishraaq, Chaasht, Salat Al-Awwabin, Tahajjud, and Salat Al-Tasbih. All these prayers rapidly eliminate the sins of man and increase the virtues like performing Umrah in Ramadan.

Because, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,” the execution of Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj’s reward. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum reward, so you have to focus on both additional prayers and Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 With Flights From UK which will be proved the collective benefits as well.

Yet, Ramadan offers the huge intrinsic values but before going to Umrah you must keep in the knowledge that your first priority should be the supplies of your domestic amenities and then you are allowed to go for Umrah. Moreover, if you are weather allergic issue like sensitivity hotness, so in such scenario, Ramadan will not be suited to you because it will be planetary circled in an extremely hot season.

Nevertheless, the best option is December Umrah Packages 2019 handling both issues in order to perform Umrah as it offers the most suitable time in which the man is totally free from the hassle of life and almost has fulfilled all the family’s essentials.

 The people who are habitual to live under the cool climate particularly UK base Muslim communal, they prefer this season to perform the Umrah safe and sound.

In short, your Umrah must be for acquiring the Divine bliss and for that purpose you can manage different Ibadah in this regard.