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Umrah of Dhu’l-Qada

Dhu'l-Field is an Arabic word which means “pilgrimage of the 11th month” that was performed by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and His followers as very first Umrah in 7 AH (629 CE).

The life of the Medina was proved striking spell for Muhammad (SAW) because Islam emerged with full might and in no time it had spread the whole peninsula of Arab. Since, Meccan life remained so critical that, so Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had to migrate to Medina.

And on the other hand, people of Medina had already heard the prediction of Muhammad (SAW) as a saviour of mankind, so they were keenly waiting of Muhammad (SAW) arrival at Medina. At last, entering in the Medina city the multitude warm welcomed of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Even though everyone was devoted to rendering his dwell for Prophet (SW), but the according to Divine’s order the Dwell of Prophet (SAW) was made sure in the form of Masjid e Nabwi. Actually, the female-camel of Muhammad (SAW) took the rest, so that place was specified for the Prophet of God.

Hence, in Masjid e Nabwi the Messenger of God solved each suit of Jews or Christians according to their rules, thus gradually the amount of Muslims started to increase and just in little time Medina became the centre of Islam.

As Muhammad (SAW) realized that this is the right time to perform Umrah , so along with his followers He (SAW) reached Mecca to execute the Umrah but they were stopped by the Meccan infidels. The Holy Prophet (SAW) did not want to fight with them at holy sanctuary of Mecca and came back without performing Umrah, however signing on the treaty of Hudaibiya to next year performing Umrah.

Thus, the next year the Prophet of God proceed the Umrah of Dhu’l-Field with great enthusiasm.

Therefore, considering the Umrah as most significant Ibadah you must perform it if you are capable of that. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said the person who is financially as well as physically capable, so he/she must go to Mecca regarding the execution of Umrah once in life. If you are interested then we suggest you to the best 5 Star Umrah Packages From London which will be proved the finest and cheapest Umrah experience as well.

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However, you must know that Ramadan will be circled in an extremely warm season which is very tough to make the circumambulation around the Kaaba as well as Safa and Marwa hills.

In this way, the people who live under the cool temperature like UK base Muslims perform the Umrah in the winter season.

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