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Best timings of Non-Mandatory Ibadah

Ibadah is the term which we use to submit the will to Allah (SWT) as prayers. There are several kinds of Ibadah in which some are obligatory and some are non-mandatory. When it comes to obligatory Ibadah, so we come across five pillars of Islam such as Faith, Prayer, Sawm, Zakat, and Hajj. However, all these are compulsory in different circumstances, but some additional Ibadah which also have tremendous significance to add the immense virtues as well.

 Most Non-mandatory Ibadahs are additional prayers such as Ishraaq, Chaasht, Salat Al-Awwabin, Tahajjud, and Salat Al-Tasbih.

  • Ishraaq is nafl prayer which has two rak’ats. This short prayer takes just two minutes to complete. Having equivalence to 360 good deeds, it is offered after twelve minutes of the sun rising.
  • Chaasht prayer is highly recommended by scholars in order to gain high divine morals. It has 2 to 12 rak’ats. It is offered when the sun is nearly in the mid-eastern or little before noon.
  • Salat Al-Awwabin refers to obedience. Consisting of 6 rak’ats, it is offered after Maghrib and Isha prayers. The Messenger of God said, one who performs 6 rak’ahs after Maghrib prayer while not supplicating against others, it will be as if he has worshiped Allah for twelve consecutive years.
  • Tahajjud has great importance in additional prayers as it kills the man’s wrong ego because it is performed at night after Isha and before Fajar prayers.

Therefore, some others non-mandatory Ibadah such as Umrah and Salat Al-Tasbih also remove the sins rapidly. If you have a keen desire to perform Umrah through any Five Star Umrah Packages From UK then you would be the lucky one.

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Nevertheless, before selecting any package you must know that without accomplishing the domestic essentials you are not allowed to go for Umrah at any time. Therefore, we suggest the best time regarding the execution of Umrah is December Umrah Packages 2019 because in this month man has almost fulfilled the family’s requirements as well.

Consequently, having no easy approach for any kind of Umrah package, so another chance of salvation the sins at home is Salat Al-Tasbih which also removes the all previous sins. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said you must offer Salat Al-Tasbih once in a daily, week, month, year or in life if possibilities.