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Difference between Major and Minor sins and their absolution

  Certainly, sin is an erroneous action which Allah-Almighty does not like for a man. However, some wrong actions are very harmful to man and society, they are called major sins. But some wrongdoings are less harmful to man itself but not to others, they are called minor sins.

Therefore, neither major nor minor sins effect on Allah (SWT) because He (SWT) is exalted and beyond of indulging such activities.

Let’s distinguish between major and minor sins.

Major Sins:

  1. Associate something with Allah-Almighty
  2. Magic
  3. Murder of someone
  4. Consuming the property of an orphan
  5. Devouring usury
  6. Turning back when the army advances
  7. Slandering chaste woman

Minor Sins:

  1. Cursing to someone
  2. Making dispute for common affairs
  3. Looking at the unlawful woman
  4. Behaving not well
  5. Thrift spending
  6. Smoking
  7. Vulgar language in common conversation
  8. Teasing other species
  9. Teasing paralyzed
  10. Immoral actions
  11. Create a dispute between two men
  12. Wearing unholy dress


Minor sins are pardoned through the five times a day or doing some good deeds as Allah-Almighty says,’’ you should avoid the major sins and I shall forgive your minor sins through your pious work. The above-mentioned verse is openly depicting that there is a huge difference between major and minor sins.

Since Satan stimulates the man from minor sins eventually grasp the man at major sins which God strictly prohibits and this is the Devil peak point. That’s why it is prohibited to minor sins long times because they are finally converted into major sins from Satan’s plan.

 The major sins are unpardoned until man withdraw (strong promise to God as not to do again). If it is not left, so at the Day of Judgment indulging person will be thrown into the hell.

In this regard, millions of people make a strong promise not to do again the major sins as well as minor sins. Several people are so conscious that they pardon the major sins very close to Allah (SWT) in His own House (Kaaba) in the form of Hajj or Umrah.

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