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Interpretations of Meccan Infidels about the Journey of Sidrat al-Muntaha

Pagan Arabs who were ambiguous behind the Divine’s revelation on Muhammad (SAW), but physically meeting of Nabi (SAW) with God again put them into an interrogation. Coming back from Sidrat al-Muntaha, when He (SAW) told about the farthest journey from Kaaba to Masjid al-Aqsa, so the non-believers laughed because the matter was beyond of thinking. They made whispering with each other how it is possible that just in a few moments of the night, the man could travel millions of distance.

However, they just believed that certainly, it might be a dreamy journey and they called the Prophet of God the person of having false imagination. They were not ready to accept the facts behind the Spiritual journey. Today the science has verified that the journey was based on truth. Science proves, through the electronic waves the physical appearance is hundred percent possible from one place to other even immense distance.

Thus, the believers bestowed with Salah which was the pure gift taken from Sidrat al-Muntaha through the beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Indeed, it is the salvation of sins and sanctity of soul which leads to man direct to Jannah. Besides Salah, there is another gift of salvation in the form Umrah that is conferred from Allah-Almighty.

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