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Umrah realizes the Miracles of Muhammad (SAW) in Mecca

Even though the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) analyzed the things with His own reason but sometimes there was dire need to show the miracles in the front of polytheist to express the oneness of God.

Since after the Nabowat declaration the infidels were not ready to persuade regarding the true Prophet, so Allah-Almighty showed the unbelievable happening through the Muhammad (SAW) which were the tangible shreds of evidence to prove Muhammad (SAW) a true Messenger of God.

And when the polytheists demanded,’’ we want to observe the true miracles like Jesus (PBUH), thus the Muhammad (SAW) pointed towards the moon and the moon split into two parts. Despite showing the miracles, infidels gave it a name of magic.

The second big miracle was that when the stones were started to read the Kalma Tayyab (witness of one God and Muhammad (SAW) is the Messenger).

Another miracle was shown at the time of migration. When the Quraysh chased Him at enough distance, eventually they became blind and forget the way where the Prophet (SAW) had gone.

Many other miracles were also performed by the Divine power but the people of Mecca did not enter in the circle of Islam rather just a few.

The flow of miracles is not met to end as the people of modern era also observe the miracles in Mecca as well as Medina when they go for proceeding the Umrah.

Circumambulation around the Kaaba is no small miracle as the man becomes holy like a newborn baby. So, if you want to observe the miracles in Mecca in an abstract way then you have to grab the cheap umrah packages which will show you the thousands of miracles in different forms.

Most people go to Mecca regarding the execution of Umrah particularly in Ramadan season which offers them more than seventy times reward as compared to common days. So, this is not less than a miracle as you are getting the plenteous reward but there is just need the consideration.

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This is not less than a miracle when you plan for Hajj or Umrah God divinely help you and fulfills your all-holy aspirations. If you think that you are not in a position to perform Umrah as you are responsible to provide the life essential. So, once after accomplishing the domestic tasks you concentrate in such time in which you are a just a little bit free, hence you can observe the miracle how God will help you.

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In this month the man has maximum chances to execute the Umrah as this is the final month of the year and man has almost finished his domestic amenities as well.

Nevertheless, there are miracles and miracles in the land of Arabs but we have used to see them and not deeply think. Today Arabia is the richest peninsula on the planet that has abundant natural sources while others not. So, all these are because of the blessed Prophet (SAW).