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The masses of Medina were anxiously waiting for Muhammad (SAW)

The prediction regarding the advent of Muhammad (SAW) is not only found in Bible but in all the religious scriptures. For example, in Hindu scriptures the prediction of Muhammad (SAW) is expressed in such a way “An Avatar will come in 12th of Rabi ul Awal, His name would be Ahmed, His father name would be Abdulla and mother Amina. He would come from Arab peninsula. He would have four close companions”.

And truly, the prediction is hundred percent precise as all these imaginations were proved in veracious form.

All scriptures are coming from long ago that’s why the Jews and Christian were anxiously waiting as they had already recited in their scriptures about the advent of Muhammad (SAW). The major prediction for them “The Muhammad (SAW) will migrate from Mecca to Medina” had tremendous significance before them. However, they prerequisite a man who would rescue them from tribal conflicts.

Hence, as they were being informed of the migration of Muhammad (SAW), their faith had become more resolute.

However, as the Muhammad (SAW) entered in the Medina they warm-welcomed of Him and everyone had wanted to make Him their guest.

In this way, all the prediction had fulfilled and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) solved each suit according to their Jewish and Christian laws that’s why they simultaneously accepted the Islam. Thus, Medina emerged a state of governess in all over the Arab cape. Today the Muslims who go for Umrah they must visit Medina as it attracts tremendously. If you have planned to proceed Umrah through any cheap Umrah Package 2019 then you must visit Medina as it offers huge rewards on the behalf of Masjid Nabwi.

Several people offer the prayer in Masjid Nabwi in Medina because the Prophet (SAW) said,’’ offering the prayer in Majid Nabwi is equal to one thousand prayers”.

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