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Get to know the history of Islamic termini through the Umrah

Considering a good opportunity to Umrah as a chance of getting the facts of Islamic events which have been taken place long ago, that’s why pilgrims must visit such silent destinations after proceeding the Umrah.

Plenty of people make their arrangements in such a way that they can get both aims such as execution of Umrah and Islamic realities by the relics through the Islamic spots.

If you have such an arrangement through any cheap Umrah Package 2019 then you have to get just little bit information about the positive direction of Islamic places in Mecca as well as Medina before reaching at that places through the article.

However, if your preference is just proceeding the Umrah and getting the maximum Divine’s bliss then you must focus on Umrah in such time that could live up your huge reward. Thus, the best suggestion is Last 10 Days cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 that would be the finest Umrah experience as well.

Let’s quick rundown on irrelevant places just for acquiring the Islamic facts but after the proceeding Umrah.

Your first visit should be at Jannat-al-Mu’alla where you can realize the holy ambiances of Muhammad (SAW) such as:

  • Abu Talib [Uncle of Muhammad (SAW) and father of Ali (RA)]
  • Abdul Mutlib [Grandfather of Muhammad (SAW)]
  • Abd Manaf [great-great Grandfather of Muhammad (SAW)]
  • Hazrat Khadija [Wife of Muhammad (SAW)
  • Abu Turab Al-Zahiri [20th-century Muslim scholar]
  • Muhammad Alawi Al-Maliki [20th century Sunni Muslim Scholar]

Similarly, the Cave of Hira depicts the first message of Islam through the imagination. Likewise, Cave of Thawr expresses how Allah-Almighty rescued Muhammad (SAW) and His close companion Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (RA) from pagan Arabs.

 In the north of Medina, you will meet the Mountain Uhud which recalls the battle between the disbelievers and Muslims and also tells the loss of Muslim not obeying the Leading light from Muhammad (SAW).

Nevertheless, important is that Ramadan cannot fulfill your desire as it will be circled in the hot season which will be proved not as easy as strolling. Thus, december umrah packages 2019  is only the option to wander other places as it offers a moderate climate.

After setting your journey towards Medina you can experience Jannat-al-Baqi where you can also feel the holy souls who shared their lives for Islam.

  • Halima the Milk-Mother of Muhammad (SAW)
  • All of the wives of Muhammad (SAW) except Hazrat Khadija (RA)
  • Ibrahim the son of Muhammad (SAW)
  • Ruqayah, Umm-e-Kalsoom, and Zainab the daughters of Holy Prophet (SAW)
  • Aqeel Ibne Abi Talib
  • Abu Sa’id al-Khudri
  • Malik Ibn Anas the Islamic Jurist
  • Nafi Al-Madni one of Ten Readers of Holy Quran
  • Abdulmecid II the Last Sultan of Ottoman.