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Controversy regarding kiss the Black Stone while Hajj or Umrah

Controversy regarding kiss the Black Stone while Hajj or Umrah

Spreading the dispute among the humanity is Devil’s idyllic activity because after throwing out from the Heaven onto the earth the Satan first wrong stroke was the fighting between two brothers thus eventually one of them killed the other. As well as the Satan much likes bloodshed, equally the Allah-Almighty critically dislikes the killing. The reason behind is that when the God announced about the formation of man, the all angels utterly claimed that the man will spurt the blood but on the other hand God said whatever I know you don’t know.

Therefore, as we have above mentioned that the first of all the Satan creates arguments among the masses resultantly they are ready to kill each other. Same, the Devil has suppressed the wrong philosophy amongst the Non-Muslims that the kissing of Black Stone is equal matter as compared to bow in the front of the idol because they also made up by the stone.

However, there are many controversies have been created in the history of Islam. Some Muslims tribes did not want to kiss the Black Stone as considering it to Shirk. But the kissing of Black Stone could not be ignored or should not consider as Shirk because our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) kissed the Hijr e Aswad, so being a Muslim it is our duty to follow the Sunna of Prophet (SAW).

In this regard, the second Caliph Hazrat Umar (RA) said to Black Stone,’’ you are just stone for me that cannot give benefit nor loss, so kiss as to follow the Sunnah of my beloved Prophet (SAW).

Nevertheless, the people who go to Mecca to perform Hajj or Umrah kiss the Black Stone to fulfill the Sunnah of Nabi (SAW). If you go to Umrah through the cheap Umrah Package 2019, Umrah is so for if you have not easy access to perform Hajj, then you should not hesitate to kiss the Black Stone. If Satan puts such wrong thinking then you should not pay attention. You are in the Holy Place because of getting the rewards and for salvation, thus you must avoid such Satan friends who astray the man and put into the fire.

You should earn a maximum reward to become the success in this world and hereafter, that’s why God creates plentiful opportunity to get an abundant reward. Thus, the most important time which we have in the form of Ramadan it the great blessing of Allah-Almighty. If you are interested to acquire more than seventy times reward then Full Month Ramadan Packages is keenly waiting to gift you the lavish rewards.

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Whatever you select the time to perform Umrah but you must avoid from Shirk as it is the unpardoned sin.