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Naked Tawaf around the Kaaba before the advent of Islam

There are many of philosophies about the circumbulation around the Kaaba in pre-Islamic times why the people circled absolutely in naked appearances? The dates back to Kaaba is 2000 BC and when it is trailed it touched the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) who constructed it by the Divine’s commandment to make the soul sacred. That’s why plenty of people go to Kaaba to their salvation and to jerk the Devil’s smell from their bodies.

Many of them go to Kaaba in the form of Hajj and few who could not have easy access to perform the Hajj, however they divert their attention into Umrah which is lesser pilgrimage rather than Hajj. But there are some of Hadiths which openly make the Umrah equal to Hajj. The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said,’’ performing Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj as it is accompanied with me.

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When it comes to naked Tawaf around the Kaaba, some references tell that the reason of naked Tawaf was, having no particular cloth to wear for those who could not afford to buy it. Consequently, they have to circle around the Kaaba with no clothes because the regular clothes were not be considered as suitable to perform the Hajj.

Some had belief that the human being is born without clothes and evils that’s why we should have to perform the Tawaf having no risk of just little bit evil which might be created from clothes.

But, as the Muhammad (SAW) conferred as gift with Prophethood, however all the wrong ideas were eliminated and modified rites were imposed.

And when we just glimpse in our soul we realize that whatever the old people did but one thing is obvious that their aim was to make their soul more sacred and they considered the Kaaba the holiest place. Thus, after knowing the Kaaba’s worth you must make a plan to visit if possibilities otherwise through cheap Umrah Package 2019 you can realize the bona fide aim of visiting the Kaaba.

Not compulsory but having tremendous significance the Umrah is highly recommended from the scholarly conductions. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said,’’ the Muslim who is financially and physically capable for Umrah he/she must proceed it in any time of the year. There is immense edge to perform the Umrah in any time as we have such spell in which we are free from hassle of life. For example if you want to perform the Umrah in stress free time then you must catch the December Umrah Packages 2019  which will be the best experience as well.

Additionally, the people who are habitual to live under the cool temperature as UK Muslim communal mostly arrange their itinerary to proceed the Umrah in winter spell, so the December is the best option.

Therefore whatever you select the best time your Umrah must be performed in pure form.