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Kaaba is the Center of the Universe

Each and every substance has its center likewise Mecca as well as Kaaba. There is an immense study that proves what place might be center of the Universe. Regardless, to beyond of any myth, we shall prove the Universe center as well in some of unique and reason accordingly.

What Science says?

Indeed, the beginning of Mecca land was completely submerged in a huge ocean and later on numbers of volcanoes erupted in the bottom of this ocean, so consequently, the basalt stones were formed which consider the most ancient rocks on the earth according to scientifical truths.

Many scientists made the center of Universe to Greenwich but the plethora of scientific evidence proved that the Mecca was the core of that zero longitude passes through the holy city but not Greenwich.

Nevertheless, truly the Mecca is the center of the Universe that is logically provable.

What Religion Islam says?

The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said,’’ The Kaaba is the piece of land over the water, from which the land was extended.”

And when we resemble such Islamic point, it clearly makes equivalence science veracity. Because according to science, that after the first volcanic eruption the land started extended all in four corners. However, when first volcanic specimens were found they belong to basalt stones which were be found in Mecca.

When it comes to man’s logic, it is an exclusively said, the essence is attracted towards its origin that’s why the immense quality of people is paying attention headed for Mecca in the form of Hajj as well as Umrah.

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