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Reality behind Hajj regarding to sacrifice the Animals

Islam is a true religion which portrays each and everything through logic as well as scientifically truths. And when it comes to Hajj we notice plenty of Muslims make their arrangements to proceed it with religious enthusiasm way.

In fact, the Hajj have some of the rituals which are very necessary to finishing points of Hajj, if unfortunately one of them is not performed it means Hajj aim is not accomplished. But in forgetting or not performing regardless, there is compensation in the form of Sawm or an others scholarly ways. Moreover, several people who could not have an easy access to execute Hajj, so they visit Kaaba in the form of Umrah.

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Nevertheless, if you want to get the Hajj equal reward then the Ramadan is the spell which can fulfill your desire. Truly, the Umrah is not the substitute of Hajj but it offers an ample quantity of reward. About the Umrah in Ramadan the Holy Prophet (SAW) said, to achieve Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj as a reward because he/she will be accompanied with me.

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The most important issue is that off-course Ramadan Umrah deals uncountable rewards but needs to consider is that whether it will suitable or not. Because maybe you are not in a position to execute but forcibly making arrangements in Ramadan by ignoring your domestic problems, is clearly not right.

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Here our concern is to find the reality of animal sacrificing which is the ritual of Hajj.

Muslim believe that Hajj obviously dates back to 2000 BC, from Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). God had tested all His Messengers in some of the tough time as well as tough goings-on, for example Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) had been tested through keep away from His beloved son Hazrat Yousuf (AS), Hazrat Yousuf (AS) into cell, Hazrat Younis (AS) in the belly of fish, Hazrat Musa (AS) through the nation, and many others in different ways.

The most horror trials were rendered from Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) such as to ready to go into the fire by the order of Namrud, ready to leave the family on their own fate, ready to slaughter the son Ismael (AS). However, when it talks about the sacrifice of animals during the Hajj is to recall the slaughtering of Ismael by the Hand of his father Hazrat Ibrahim (AS).

Ibrahim (AS) had given the order in a dream from the Allah-Almighty that “God wishes the sacrifice of your most beloved thing”. Ibrahim (AS) was much worried about such horror trial because the most beloved thing was only His son. Therefore, in the very first period He sacrificed several camels to please the Divinity, but again Allah-Almighty demanded the sacrifice of his son. Second time again Ibrahim slaughtered plenty of animals. But the God mandate was same as son’s sacrifice.

In this way, the Ibrahim (AS) had to fulfill God’s order and He talks about to His son as well as His wife. Both were strongly agreed before the Will of God.

Eventually, the Ibrahim (AS) took his son in Mina to slaughter but on the way Satan wanted to overwhelm but Ismael (AS) remained steadfast and threw the stones on Devil, that’s why pilgrims throw the stones on the place of Jamarat.

At last, God accepted the sacrifice of Ibrahim (AS) in the form of ram which was sent from heaven. From that time to till today, it has become the ritual of Hajj and that’s why the numbers of pilgrims slaughter the animals in the memory of Ibrahim (AS).