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Plenty of pilgrims visit Jannat Al-Mu’alla after proceeding the Umrah

The Most Exalted Paradise which is also known as Jannat Al-Mu’alla lies north of the Masjid Al-Haram in the Mecca. People who go to perform Umrah definitely visit such exploratory destination as Ziarat. But the scholarly recommendation is that first, you have to perform Umrah then after its execution you can visit such memorable dwell. If you have planned to perform Umrah through cheap Umrah Package 2019 then, first of all, learn how the ritual should be done.

And when you have fulfilled your Umrah obligation then to break your curiosity and just for Ziarat you may go towards Jannat Al-Mu’alla. Indeed, it is a cemetery in which the Notable historical figures who are near and dear of the Holy Prophet (SAW) are buried. However, important is that what the spell you choose such as Ramadan through the Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 or any other period you should remain steadfast regarding performing Umrah.

Because if unfortunately, you have lost your temperament then it means your aim is ambiguous. Such can happen whilst Tawaf, kissing the Black Stone or at Jamarat place due to huge rush particularly in Ramadan.

Therefore if you want to save your Umrah then the cool temperature is the best time which you can get through December Umrah Packages 2019 that would be the best experience. Furthermore, December is the month that offers holidays and it is free of business burden rather than other days. You can perform Umrah in December with your families as during these days educational institutes are closed due to winter vacations.

As well as concern is to Jannat Mu’alla, you have to avoid some of wrong doings such as to kiss the graves or to bow before them. Because it is strictly prohibited from Saudi governance. In this regard, many of tombs were demolished in 1925 by Saudi King Ibn Saud because some people started to make shirk (gave the much value forgetting the God). Still, some people mourn demolition of these shrines.

Yet, to avoid shirk you just have to pray for buried bodies and to know what grave concerns with the figure?

The famous bygone personalities who are buried in Jannat Al-Mu’alla are as under:

  • Abu Talib [Uncle of Muhammad (SAW) and father of Ali (RA)]
  • Abdul Mutlib [Grandfather of Muhammad (SAW) ]
  • Abd Manaf [great-great Grandfather of Muhammad (SAW)]
  • Hazrat Khadija [Wife of Muhammad (SAW)
  • Abu Turab Al-Zahiri [20th-century Muslim scholar]
  • Muhammad Alawi Al-Maliki [20th century Sunni Muslim Scholar]